Counterfeit money case: police seize printing machine

Police investigations into the counterfeit currency affair have opened a Pandora’s box. Police arrested Alexander, 42, of Anaimalayanpatti near Rayapanpatti in Uthamapalayam bloc, and his accomplice Kannan, 35, of TTV Dhinakaran Colony on Sunday, on charges of possession of counterfeit coins in denominations of 2,000,500. , 100 and 50. The face value of the currencies was close to ₹ 20 lakh.

Investigators said Monday that one of them was a rickshaw driver. After specific information, the police followed his and found his spending pattern unusual. A search of his premises revealed that he had a printing and cutting machine. He had confessed to having ordered them online.

The accused had visited Bangalore frequently. The cell phone tracking showed he had contact with people there and in Kerala.

Explaining the modus operandi, police said he visited markets bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He bought various commodities in bulk and paid “cash” in the highest denominations and collected genuine currency as change.

His accomplice had contacts in Ernakulam and they frequently visited Kumuli.

A senior police officer said they plan to take the duo into custody for further questioning and also decided to question a few other suspects, who knowingly or unknowingly aided them in the exchange of fake coins. .

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Kayla A. Murphy